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Elaine Johnston is first and foremost a Christian and a mother who places her faith and family as her first priority and they’re the core of all she loves protects and values.

She views her now adult children as her greatest success, not because she was in anyway a perfect mother. They suffered her many failings faults and flaws and in spite of them they are extremely kind generous responsible people who are successfully attaining high levels of achievement, qualification and competencies as they work and raise their own children.  


Elaine is creative and enjoys designing her own bespoke pieces of work. Her creativity is also seen in her writing.

She is a dreamer and a visionary with a limitless imagination for originality and



Elaine also loves to laugh and smile and with eight wonderful grandchildren and no lack of clumsiness; there are lots of opportunity for both.


Did I mention her flare for interior design? With the many houses she has lived in there have been numerous occasions to make a house into a home.


Then there is Hattie. A very important member of the Johnston family, Hattie is loyal, loves cuddles and enjoys treats even more. She is a four-year-old miniature Yorkshire terrier.

No expense is spared when it comes to the care and comfort of Elaine’s constant friend and companion.


Elaine grew up with three sisters, she was number two in the pecking order of siblings and was possibly the clumsiest, muddiest, most dippy and accident prone of the quartet. Not the brainiest, but excelled in all things arty and creative.


In terms of academics ~ definitely a late developer.


Her children all flew the nest, leaving home to pursue their chosen careers and make their own families with their well-chosen spouses within two years of each other. This mother soon launched into a brand new profession, which entailed looking after children and young people who had experienced a difficult start in life.

Even more mothering skills were acquired over many years through training, including the achievement of a level three Diploma in Children and Young people Development from 0-18 years, equipped Elaine well for the delicate and vital role of looking after and safeguarding children and young people.


In the summer of 2016 Elaine and her husband of thirty-four years at the time, and though they loved each other very much, because of her husbands extreme double life, they sadly separated.

She gave up on her career, which was under scrutiny anyway. She also gave up her home and along with Hattie she travelled around England, Wales and N Ireland, visiting many family and friends.

For four months Elaine was technically homeless, all she had was her lovely pet and what would fit into her car. There were two large suitcases, one packed with summer and autumn clothes, the other was full of winter and spring clothing.


The plan was take a year to travel without the cares and responsibilities of running a home, looking after others and holding down employment.


She wanted to escape the noise of hearing the demands of

 “feed me, take me, pick me up, clean me, make me etc.”


Throwing caution to the wind Elaine set off on a ‘Gap year’ embracing every opportunity that presented itself with the grit to walk through every door that opened up for her. To walk through her fears and achieve life to the fullest, even in the most difficult and upsetting circumstances.


During this interim period in Elaine’s life, she gathered the many journals and notes, pictures, messaging and online activity that had been recorded and stored over many years. Then with the encouragement of friends began writing her story.


Ninety thousand words later, along with copious cups of tea and

cake in abundance she offered her life story for publishing.


Following all the proof reading, edits and shedding of the gibber gabber and needless wittering on, Reverend Grey is now available to purchase from this Website and Amazon.


Elaine lives in London England, while she and her husband remain separated. It is Elaine’s constant hope that they will reconcile in the future.


For the moment that is now Elaine puts her unknown future

 into the hands of her all-knowing God.

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