Elaine Johnston has written a book she never imagined she would write.

It is one that i challenge you to read. Why? Because it is a shocking story that belongs on the fiction shelf and not the autobiography one.

You will read it with disbelief. It is a story of incredible deceit that has spanned more than thirty years.

I guarantee you will have mixed emotions and find yourself repeatedly saying:

"What about...?" "What if..." 'Why didn't...?" "How could he...?"

and for different reasons. "How could she...?"

A book of such honesty could only be written by someone who has suffered shocking loss

of much of what she once had.

Yet. Even in that you will find her story is one of grace despite the tragedy.

Elaine has written a best seller here, not because of its entertainment value but because it is a revelation of the power of deceit, the value of exposure and an ultimate warning to many.

Reverend John Bullock, senior pastor of the Gatehouse Church, Moshi, Tanzania. Founder and director of Agape Life, and the Into Africa Foundation. Author of  'For God's Sake Lets reinstate Apostles.


'With almost thirty years of pastoral and missional experience behind me,

it is safe to say that the story you are about to read is the worst case of deceit and betrayal

I have ever known and I've known a lot!

Elaine's brutal honesty as she tells her story should be read by everyone who is either in

leadership  or considering it. Why? Because with the millions of leaders on earth right now,

the Johnstons cannot be the only ones caught in the trap of pornography, lies and adultery.

If we are to expose the enemy's traps, then books like this should be on every

bible college shelf in the land.'


Debbie Bullock BA Honours, (Applied theology), director of Agape life and the 'Into Africa foundation'. Leader at the  Gatehouse International church, Moshi, Tanzania. 



This book is not an easy read but in my opinion it is a vitally important book for anyone

contemplating a life in Christian leadership.

This is a true story lived over thirty years by two close personal friends of mine.

May it be a powerful challenge to us all, to walk ever in the light as we serve Him.

Kevin Peat



A Perfect Storm – betrothal v betrayal. 

This is the powerful yet very vulnerable story of a secret-keeper,

one woman’s journey out of a web of shame and codependency,

and it is one that needed to be told.  It challenges the subversive nature of internet porn and its devastating impact upon relationships.  I

am grateful for the author’s clear honesty and the research that underpins it,

and hope that it will help many who are similarly trapped to find freedom.

 Jacqui Jarvis, MBACP Accred.  Pastoral Counsellor 


 So often it is out of the ashes that new beginnings emerge. 

Elaine’s story is just such an example!  It takes courage to write about such painful issues

and I commend her.  Disrupted attachment in early life profoundly battles with the

redemptive work of the Holy Spirit. 

It is in the darkness of ignorance and secrecy that the enemy most profoundly works. 

And it is in the light of understanding and truth that transformation and healing begin.

 W. J. Fahrer  B.A. M.Div. (Counselling and Theology)

Lead Counsellor with Anchor Counselling

“Reverend Grey is an incredible, one-of-a-kind book. From the exciting days of young love so nostalgically recounted, to the depths of pain and despair. Elaine was in a marriage that had a dark side that grew and grew in its poisonous deceit. She became entangled in a web of mental torture as her husband delved ever deeper into the world of pornography. Her loyalty to him and love for him were stretched to unimaginable lengths, as she also knew the good in her husband that she desperately hoped would triumph. This heartrending true story is a missile that I hope and pray will be used mightily to blast open the doors to that secret world that so many people have walked into.

May this book be a timely warning to those who have entered that dark world of pornography to retreat back into the light before all is lost.” 

Tina Halliwell 

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